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"This is the best massage I've ever had! It was so relaxing and the therapist was very professional.I can't believe that after her massage i was pain free. I'm definitely becoming a regular!" -Kathy, 57, of Rock Hill 

"I had a two hour massage and loved it! Didn't know I had so much tension in my shoulders but I felt really great afterwards. She also helped with my knee pain. I will most assuredly be scheduling more time for a massage with her." - Cyndi, 47, Rock Hill

" Oh my! I just had my first ( and definitely not last) session with the skilled Jessie.This is absolutely her calling. My words will not be adequate to describe how amazing I feel after my 1 hour session. My only regret is I didn't book for 2 hours.I will return often and support her in any way that I can. Highly recommended!" - Susan, York

" Hands down the best most affordable massage!!! I have a slipped disk and constant pain in my upper and lower back. One trip to Jessie's and I feel instant relief and it lasts!!!! Thank you Jessie!!!!" - Dj, 34, York

"It was really amazing! I got an appointment for my grandmother and she came to the house, set up her equipment, explained everything and was extremely gentle and kind to her. She always asked her questions checking on her and seeing where she wanted to be worked most. In the end my grandma was so happy and felt rejuvenated, she even did a little dance! ( which she hasn't done in a long time!) She kept on saying "i feel so good now" and was so happy. I'm extremely happy with how she worked with my grandmother and I know I'll be making more appointments in the very near future!" - Robbie, 20, Rock Hill

"I just had a massage at Jessie's Therapeutic Massage. It's a very clean, relaxed, and tranquil environment. This lady has got her work cut out for her with someone as tender and tense as myself, she worked wonders! It was the best of many massages I've experienced. This woman is a god with her hands! I loved every minute, my only regret was not booking a 2 hour session with this sweet and talented therapist. I will return and i suggest anyone looking for a conveniently located, well priced ( and worth every penny) and amazing massage, to call and book a session ASAP! - Ivy, 27, Rock hill

"I recently received a massage at Jessie's Therapeutic Massage, and I was very impressed with her. I collect a great amount of stress in my upper back and neck, and after only a single session so far, I can feel the difference. She was able to locate, isolate, and reduce the amount of the knots between my shoulder blades significantly. Thank you, Jessie! I will definitely be returning." -Tim, Charlotte

"Excellent massage. Professional, caring and courteous. I will be going again!" -Gene, 63, Rock Hill 

"I highly recommend Jessie. Jessie is very knowledgeable about her work. She has a great attitude and wonderful personality. She tailors her massage to your needs and they are very good massages."      -Daniel, Rock Hill

"Excellent massage techniques utilized where they're needed! Jessie is very personable and professional and provides a very nice/neat facility."        - Dave, Clover

"Awesome massage & very nice caring massage therapist!!!"         -Page H., Rock Hill

"I had a very pleasant experience. Jessie was very polite, made me feel very comfortable before the massage began, answered any questions i had, and her use of different massage techniques made the massage experience like no other. Being someone new to the area and the state, she made me feel very welcomed. I will definitely be making another appointment soon. "      - Gretchen, Rock hill

" I have hip problems and have been limping for about a year. After the massage I've been able to walk now for 3 days so far without a limp. I already have my next session scheduled and can't wait. What a wonderful experience."         -Nancy, Rock Hill

"I've never in my life had a professional massage. When I say, this young lady is amazing, she is amazing. Every muscle that has ached from being on my feet all day are now relaxed. Great professionalism!!!"     -Esha, Rock Hill

"I have sciatic nerve problems occasionally and even hamstring muscles where they attach to the core sometimes rock up. Jessica is wonderful at getting to the problem areas and taking away pain from those problems as well as my noticing that it is a long time until the problems show back up. She is so inexpensive that I even told her she needed to up her rates so she didn't seem to be too cheap but she told me she wanted to be affordable to the elderly and our servicemen and women.

Don't be afraid of the ridiculously low rates for her services. This is ine instance where you get so much more than what you pay for. Believe it, try it and get the relief you want and need. Bravo, Jessica!!"          -Don, 57, Rock Hill           

" Jessie is a very sweet and polite woman. She has a very comforting demeanor and pleasant touch. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for calming and relaxing massage."     -David C., Rock Hill

"Loved it! Worth every penny and more! I literally fell asleep and woke myself up from snoring..." -Eric, Charlotte

"I've traveled extensively around Asia, Australia, North America and Europe; and I easily rank Jessie's massage as one of the very best I have ever received. I will certainly be going back for as long as I'm here!"        -Josh, 30, Rock Hill

"The absolute best massage sessions I've ever had. I recently increased my exercise regimen and I experienced a few major pains. Jessie took care of my pain and I was able to continue to exercise and grow. I highly recommend a visit!"      -Russell, 30, McConnells 

"I received a deep tissue massage to help with my migraines and my back aches. I've been here 4 times so far and I love it! Everything Jessie has done has helped me in so many ways."    -Breezy, York

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